Meet The Cast! (some of them, anyway!)


Who's Who in the World of BattleRaven

Danny O'Hara: Slacker With A Heart Of Gold

Daniel James O'Hara's journey is the central narrative of "BattleRaven: Show Me A Hero." As stated in a previous entry, Danny is a 19-year-old slacker with a good heart, a ne'er-do-well; that one kid who's not in with any of the standard cliques, he's just sort of "there." An average (and sometimes slightly BELOW average!) high school student, who undergoes a significant transformation. His journey from a typical teenager to a superhero is, of course, central to the narrative.

Throughout his hero's journey, Danny exhibits empathy and a growing sense of responsibility. His actions and concern for others reflects his deepening understanding of the impact of his actions.

Danny has a great a sense of humor and a sharp wit, making him a likable and engaging character. This trait provides lighter moments in the narrative and adds to his relatability.

As he embraces his superhero identity, Danny shows courage and determination. He confronts dangerous situations head-on, reflecting his growing confidence and commitment to his new role. His transformation into BattleRaven is not just physical, but also moral and ethical. The story explores his struggles, triumphs, and the complexities of balancing his regular life with his superhero responsibilities. Future confrontations will test his morals, ethics, and control over his powers, contributing to his development as a hero.

Family Relationships: Danny's relationship with his family, particularly his father, is marked by love, respect, and mutual understanding. These interactions ground him and offer a glimpse into his life before and after becoming BattleRaven.

High School Dynamics: In school, Danny's interactions with peers, such as Jamie Doughan and Eva Meléndez, depict typical teenage relationships. His friendship with them provides support and normalcy amidst his extraordinary experiences.

Danny's character represents the challenges of growing up and the journey of self-discovery, set against the backdrop of gaining extraordinary abilities. His evolution from a high school student to a hero grappling with significant responsibilities makes him a compelling and multi-dimensional protagonist.

All in all, Danny O'Hara is a well-rounded character whose journey from an ordinary teenager to a superhero encapsulates themes of growth, responsibility, and self-discovery. His interactions with other characters enrich the narrative, making his story not only a superhero tale but also a relatable coming-of-age journey. (and yes, there MAY be a bit of self-insertion on the part of Ye Olde Esteemed Author!)

Scáthach: Warrior Woman

Scáthach ("the shadowy one" in Gaelic), a legendary figure in Irish mythology, is prominently featured in the Ulster Cycle, one of the four major cycles of Irish mythological tales. She is most famous for her role as a formidable warrior woman and a teacher of warriors.

Scáthach resides in the mythical land of Alba (Scotland). She is often depicted as a master of martial arts ("martial arts" meaning combat training; no relation to Asian martial arts and its various offshoots), possessing great knowledge and skill in warfare. Her abode, a fortress known as Dún Scáith or the "Fort of Shadows," is where she trains the mightiest of Irish warriors. To better serve the BattleRaven oeuvre, Dún Scáith is now located in Tír na nÓg. A little poetic license on my part. The location depicted in "Show Me A Hero" is more of an outpost of Tír na nÓg.

One of Scáthach's most famous students is of course the legendary Irish hero Cú Chulainn. She teaches him the arts of combat, including the use of the Gáe Bulg, a deadly spear that requires unique skills to wield effectively. The training of Cú Chulainn under Scáthach is a pivotal episode in his mythological narrative, signifying his rise to becoming a legendary warrior.

Scáthach is also noted for her possession of mystical knowledge, prophetic powers and, in some tales, shapeshifting. This aspect of her character aligns her with the mystical and supernatural elements commonly found in Celtic lore. Scáthach embodies the archetype of the warrior woman and mentor, standing out in a mythology rich with male warriors and heroes. Her presence in these tales highlights the role of women in ancient Celtic society, not just as nurturers but also as keepers of wisdom and martial skills. This duality of roles makes her an intriguing and respected figure in Irish mythology.

The prophetic ability attributed to Scáthach adds another layer to her character, beyond her renowned skills as a warrior and a teacher. It places her in the realm of the druids and seers, who were highly respected in ancient Celtic society for their wisdom, knowledge of the natural world, and supposed ability to foresee events. This gift of prophecy would have made Scáthach not only a master of physical combat but also a sage with deep insight into the future.

Her role as a prophetess has significant implications in the narratives of her students, such as Cú Chulainn. Being forewarned about future events or potential outcomes of their actions would have been an invaluable asset to these warriors. It also reinforces the notion that Scáthach's teachings are not just about physical prowess but also about understanding the broader implications of one's actions, both in battle and in life.

In the context of BattleRaven, Scáthach emerges as a mentor figure for Danny. She possesses a blend of wisdom, experience, and a seemingly profound understanding of both the mystical and the real world. Her role extends beyond teaching physical skills; she is instrumental in shaping the moral and ethical compass of her protégé. Danny's interaction with Scáthach is pivotal. He shows respect and a willingness to learn, although he sometimes struggles with the challenges she presents. This mentor-mentee dynamic is crucial for his development.

Stern yet Caring: Scáthach's demeanor is stern and authoritative, yet there's an underlying sense of care and investment in Danny's growth. She balances the hard lessons with a nurturing spirit, guiding Danny not just to harness his powers, but to understand the responsibilities that come with them.

Warrior Spirit: As a figure associated with warrior training, Scáthach displays a strong, unyielding spirit. She embodies the qualities of a warrior: courage, determination, and strategic thinking.

Mysterious Aura: There's an air of mystery surrounding Scáthach. Her knowledge and abilities hint at a rich backstory, steeped in lore and legend. This mystique adds to her character's depth and gravitas.

Guiding Danny: Scáthach's interactions with Danny are pivotal. She challenges him, pushing him beyond his limits to discover his true potential. Her approach is not just about physical training, but also about instilling a sense of duty and moral integrity.

Disciplinarian: In her interactions, Scáthach can be a disciplinarian, emphasizing the seriousness of the journey Danny is on. She doesn't shy away from tough love, understanding that the path to becoming a hero is fraught with challenges.

Respected Figure: Scáthach commands respect, not just from Danny but from other characters as well. Her presence demands attention, and her words carry weight, indicating her influential position in the narrative.

Moments of Vulnerability: While Scáthach primarily exhibits strength and resilience, there are moments where she reveals a softer, more vulnerable side. This could be seen in subtle gestures or expressions, particularly in moments of quiet interaction with Danny, hinting at a multi-layered character.

Scáthach's role in "BattleRaven: Show Me A Hero" is crucial. She represents a bridge between the ordinary and the extraordinary, guiding Danny as he navigates his transformation from an average person to a superhero. Her character adds a layer of depth to the story, bringing in themes of mentorship, growth, and the complexity of the hero's journey.

Scáthach is a character who embodies strength, wisdom, and mystery, playing a crucial role in the Danny's development and the story's progression. Her interactions with Danny and others in the narrative are marked by a blend of stern guidance, warrior ethos, and occasional glimpses into a more vulnerable, caring side.

Bottom line; do NOT mess with Scáthach. Never, ever.

Oisín: Warrior King Of Tír na nÓg

Oisín, a significant figure in Irish mythology, is renowned as a poet and warrior, and is a prominent member of the Fianna, a band of heroic warriors led by his father, Fionn mac Cumhaill (or Finn McCool). His name, pronounced "uh-SHEEN", translates to "little deer" in Irish, a nod to his mythological origins.

Oisín's story is particularly famous for his adventures in Tír na nÓg, the land of eternal youth. According to legend, Oisín falls in love with Niamh, a beautiful maiden from Tír na nÓg who comes to Ireland on a magical horse. Niamh invites Oisín to join her in Tír na nÓg, a place where time stands still, and people do not age. Enchanted by Niamh and her promise of a life free from aging and sorrow, Oisín travels with her to this otherworldly realm.

In Tír na nÓg, Oisín lives a life of perpetual youth and joy, marrying Niamh and fathering children. However, as the years pass, he grows homesick for Ireland. Niamh reluctantly allows him to visit his homeland, but warns him not to dismount from his magical horse, as centuries have passed in the real world.

Upon returning to Ireland, Oisín is saddened to find that the Fianna and his father, Fionn, are long gone, and the Ireland he knew has changed drastically. Tragically, he accidentally falls from his horse, immediately aging hundreds of years and ultimately dying, as the enchantment of Tír na nÓg leaves him.

Oisín's story is emblematic of themes common in Irish mythology, such as the passage of time, the sorrow of loss, and the yearning for a past era. His tales, particularly his journey to Tír na nÓg, have been recounted and reimagined in various forms, underscoring the enduring appeal of these mythological narratives in Irish culture. His character represents a bridge between the human and the supernatural, blending the heroic aspects of warrior culture with the profound, poetic reflection on life and time.

Again, I took a few creative liberties with the mythology, re-imagining Oisín as an aged but still formidable warrior king, while taking pains NOT to depict him as yet another tired version of Gandalf/Merlin/Professor Dumbledore.

Mystical and Wise Guardian: In the BattleRaven canon, Oisín is portrayed as a mystical figure, imbued with wisdom and an understanding of both the physical and metaphysical realms. His character is steeped in lore, which adds a layer of depth and intrigue.

Guiding Presence: Oisín serves as a guiding presence, especially for Danny. He appears to possess a deep understanding of Danny's journey and potential, guiding him subtly yet effectively. His guidance is more philosophical and spiritual than Scáthach's practical training.

Calm and Composed: Oisín's demeanor is calm and composed, often providing a counterbalance to the more intense or action-driven moments. His tranquility suggests a profound inner strength and a mastery of self.
Interaction with Other Characters:

Mentor: Oisín's interactions with Danny are characterized by a mentor-protégé dynamic. He seems to approach Danny with a mix of gentleness and firmness, guiding him through his transformative journey with a focus on self-discovery and inner growth.

Supportive and Encouraging: Oisín's role is supportive and encouraging, nurturing the growth of his charges, particularly Danny. He offers advice and wisdom that help Danny navigate the complexities of his new role as a superhero.

Subtle Teacher: Unlike Scáthach's direct and physical training methods, Oisín seems to adopt a more subtle, teaching approach. He might use stories, metaphors, or pointed questions to provoke thought and encourage self-reflection in Danny.

Oisín's character adds a mystical and philosophical dimension to the story. He represents the intellectual and spiritual aspect of Danny's transformation, complementing Scáthach's physical training.

His interactions with Danny and potentially other characters bring depth to the narrative, offering insights into the broader themes of destiny, morality, and heroism.

Oisín, in "BattleRaven: Show Me A Hero", appears as a sagely figure, blending mythical wisdom with a nurturing mentorship role. His influence on Danny and his composed, wise demeanor contribute significantly to the mystical and philosophical undertones of the narrative.

Oisín and Scáthach:

Although not associated with one another in the mythologies, the pairing of Oisín and Scáthach is a perfect addition to the BattleRaven lore. They offer an interplay of wisdom and strength, a complementary mentorship style for Danny. While Scáthach focuses on physical training and combat skills, Oisín offers philosophical guidance and spiritual wisdom.

Mutual Respect: There is a deep mutual respect between Oisín and Scáthach. This respect is likely based on an understanding of each other's strengths and roles in guiding Danny. Their interactions probably reflect this respect, with each acknowledging the other's contributions to Danny's development.
Contrasting Philosophies:

Balance of Approach: Oisín and Scáthach could occasionally have contrasting viewpoints on how to best guide Danny. Oisín's more reflective, calm approach might sometimes be at odds with Scáthach's more direct and confrontational method. These contrasts could lead to rich dialogues and interactions, offering Danny diverse perspectives.

Collaborative Goal: Despite potential differences in methods, both Oisín and Scáthach share a common goal – to prepare Danny for the challenges ahead. Their interactions might include discussions or debates on the best course of action, always keeping Danny's best interests at heart.
Symbolic Interaction:

Embodiment of Different Aspects of Heroism: Oisín and Scáthach symbolically represent different aspects of heroism – the spiritual, moral, and intellectual (Oisín) versus the physical, tactical, and practical (Scáthach).

Overall, the dynamic between Oisín and Scáthach in "BattleRaven: Show Me A Hero" adds a multifaceted dimension to the narrative. Their interactions provide a blend of philosophical depth, practical wisdom, and contrasting approaches to mentorship, enriching the story and contributing to the holistic development of the protagonist, Danny. (As well as a few light-hearted moment; Danny explains the meaning of the word "cool" to an eager Oisín, much to the chagrin of Scáthach!)

Eva Meléndez

When dreaming up a girl who would, eventually (spoiler!), become Danny O'Hara's soulmate, my initial thought was to make her, surprise, a redhead named Aoife (or Aífe). But Scáthach is, of course, a redhead, AND she has a sister (and bitter rival) named Aífe. (In the mythologies, Aífe bore Cú Chulainn a son, Connla, whom Cú Chulainn accidently kills in combat years later. Irish mythology ain't exactly Snow White!)

So, redheaded "Aoife" became a blonde named "Ava." That was soon changed to "Eva," most likely after silver screen legend Eva Gardner. Then, for no reason whatsoever, the nondescript image of a young Mexican girl popped into my head. "THERE she is," said I, "THERE'S Eva!"

Supportive and Loyal Friend: Eva is depicted as a supportive and loyal friend, especially to Danny. She provides a grounding presence for him, balancing the extraordinary aspects of his life with the normalcy of high school friendships.

Playful and Humorous: Eva has a playful and humorous side, evident in her interactions with Danny. Her light-hearted teasing and witty banter add a sense of levity to their relationship and the narrative.

Intelligent and Observant: Eva comes across as intelligent and observant. She may not be aware of Danny's superhero identity, but she is perceptive about changes in his behavior or mood, indicating a deeper understanding and concern for him. Eva no doubt attracted to certain character traits. Perhaps she recognizes these traits in Danny (even if he himself is completely oblivious to them) and works to bring them out in him, similar to what Scáthach and Oisín have done.

Potential for Character Growth: Given her prominence in future stories, Eva's character has the potential for significant growth. Her interactions with Danny and others could evolve as she becomes more involved in the narrative, possibly even discovering Danny's secret identity.

As a significant character in Danny's world, Eva plays a crucial role in keeping him connected to his life as a regular high school student. Her presence adds a layer of normalcy and emotional depth to the narrative. As the BattleRaven saga progresses, her role will become more central, certainly influencing key plot developments and playing a more active role in Danny's journey as BattleRaven.

In "BattleRaven: Show Me A Hero," Eva Meléndez emerges as a key figure in Danny's life, offering friendship, emotional support, and moments of light-heartedness. Her character adds a relatable and human dimension to the narrative, and her evolving role hints at greater involvement in future stories.

Danny and Eva

Both being Catholic, Danny and Eva share a common ground in their faith and values. This shared aspect of their identities can be a foundation for deeper understanding and connection, as they navigate similar cultural expectations and traditions.

Mutual Respect and Understanding: The relationship can be characterized by mutual respect for each other's backgrounds. Danny's Irish Catholic heritage and Eva's Mexican-American identity can be sources of learning and appreciation, rather than barriers.

Gradual and Authentic Growth: Their relationship can develop naturally over time, mirroring a small-town, blue-collar version of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson. Starting from a strong friendship, they can gradually discover deeper feelings for each other, with key moments that bring them closer.

Navigating Challenges Together: As they face various challenges, both related to Danny's life as BattleRaven and typical teenage/young adult struggles, they will learn to rely on and support each other, showcasing the strength of their relationship.

Potential for Romance: While the current narrative doesn't explicitly portray a romantic relationship, subtle hints and moments – like shared glances, small acts of kindness, and meaningful conversations – can lay the groundwork for a future romance.

This approach allows for a realistic and nuanced portrayal of their relationship, grounded in shared values and cultural understanding, while also leaving room for growth and evolution as the narrative progresses. And who ISN'T a sucker for a good ol' fashioned romance?

While less prominent in "Show Me A Hero," Eva will play a very important role in the BattleRaven universe; at this point, Eva HERSELF doesn't know HOW important she really is. (although a certain red haired warrior woman-cum-prophetess MAY have some idea!;))

Jamie Doughan

As with Eva, Jamie Doughan's role in "BattleRaven: Show Me A Hero" is minimal, nonetheless he will also be an integral part of Danny/BattleRaven's world.

Jamie is a straight-A honor student with an easygoing nature, making him approachable and well-liked among his peers. His laid-back attitude likely brings a sense of calm and stability to his interactions.

Humorous and Light-Hearted: He exhibits a sense of humor, contributing to light-hearted moments in the narrative. Jamie's ability to infuse humor into situations likely helps in diffusing tension and maintaining a positive atmosphere. There's a genuineness in Jamie's character, reflected in his interactions and dialogue. He seems to be someone who values sincerity and authenticity in his relationships.

Though his role in "BattleRaven: Show Me A Hero" is relatively brief, Jamie's interaction with Danny is integral to the story. Their friendship is based on mutual respect, shared experiences, and a deep understanding of each other. Jamie likely serves as a confidant and grounding influence for Danny.

Support in Times of Conflict: In moments of conflict or challenge, Jamie's role as a supportive friend becomes crucial. He likely offers advice, a listening ear, or even direct assistance, playing a key part in Danny's journey.

In summary, Jamie Doughan is a loyal, easygoing, and humorous character, serving as Danny's best friend and support system. His role in the story brings normalcy, humor, and genuine friendship, offering a counterbalance to the more extraordinary elements of Danny's life. As the BattleRaven narrative progresses, Danny's dual existence as BattleRaven will inadvertently draw Jamie into a world of unforeseen challenges and life-altering events, profoundly impacting both himself and those around him!

In addition to the rich cast of characters we've introduced, the BattleRaven universe is teeming with a diverse array of personalities. This includes Danny's parents, who bring their own unique dynamics to the story, and the colorful residents of their boarding house, each adding flavor and depth to the world of BattleRaven. There's also a host of friends and side characters who will cross paths with our hero, enriching the narrative tapestry.

And let's not forget about the upcoming lineup of no less than 16(!!) superheroes and a compelling assortment of villains – each with their own intriguing backstories and motivations. These characters, both good and bad, are meticulously crafted to draw you into their world, offering a richly layered experience. You'll find characters to root for, love, and yes, even love to hate, as they all play their part in the unfolding saga of BattleRaven. Stay tuned as we reveal more about these characters and the exciting adventures that await in future installments of BattleRaven's epic journey!

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