Turning the Page: A Forward March Into The Past


"Let us do justice to the nobleness of their origin, while we condemn the mean arts by which they support their present eminence."~Cedric the Saxon, from "Ivanhoe" by Sir Walter Scott

In recent times, the comic book industry, particularly The Big 2 (Marvel and DC), has taken a direction that has often been at odds with the expectations and desires of long-time fans. On a recent X thread, esteemed Marvel writer Dan Slott stated the following;

"It's impossible to ruin/destroy a longstanding legacy character. If an iconic character's been around for 50+ years, they're indestructible.
Whatever current aspect/storyline displeases you as a fan can be hand-waved away down the road."

".....whatever ways those stories deviate from the norm will inevitably upset a number of the hardcore fans. Conversely, they could also excite other parts of the base and catch the attention of new fans.
These deviations are necessary time to time."

"W/o these wild swings and stories that take big risks, there'd be the danger of the property growing stale and predictable.

And, again, for a character to have survived so long, there's the knowledge a reboot, reinvention, or hand-wave could put all the toys back in the box."

I heartily disagree.

This cavalier attitude has in fact brought the comic industry to its present condition; dying of self-inflicted wounds.

Respecting Legacy and Fandom

BattleRaven is born from a deep respect for the legacy of comic book characters and their creators. Unlike the current trend where major characters are frequently altered or killed off only to be resurrected shortly after, BattleRaven will uphold the integrity and continuity of its characters. Their journeys will be meaningful and impactful, steering clear of shock tactics that undermine their depth and legacy.

Avoiding Overused Tropes

The use of multiverses, time travel, and clones/alternate universe versions is a narrative crutch, a "quick fix" to problems that often never existed. BattleRaven will avoid these overused tropes, focusing instead on strong, character-driven storytelling. I believe in the power of a well-told, concise story. Long, drawn-out story arcs and convoluted 'events' will not be the bedrock of BattleRaven. Instead, the aim to tell will be compelling stories in a more focused and impactful manner, akin to some of the greatest comic book stories that achieved so much in six issues or less.

Why So Serious!?

Another key aspect BattleRaven will embrace is the return of fun and lightheartedness to comics. For too long, the grim and hyper-realistic 'edginess' has dominated the scene, often blurring the lines between good and evil. BattleRaven will bring back the clear delineation between heroes and villains, celebrating noble acts of bravery and valor. It's about rekindling the sense of adventure and positivity that originally made superhero stories so captivating.

The Specialness of Being Super

The recent trend of making every character a superhero dilutes the uniqueness of the main hero. In BattleRaven, I'll ensure that our hero stands out, maintaining the specialness that comes with being a superhero. This approach is inspired by the realistic take of the 1970s' TV series The Incredible Hulk, where the extraordinary elements were woven into ordinary settings, making them more impactful.

In the realm of BattleRaven, while our titular hero stands as a beacon of superhuman capabilities, the true essence of the story extends beyond mere powers. It's essential to acknowledge the significance of supporting characters – those who may not possess superpowers but stand out remarkably by their own merit.

These characters, grounded in their humanity, play a pivotal role in the narrative. They bring depth, relatability, and a sense of realism to the fantastical world of BattleRaven. Their strengths, struggles, and triumphs are not defined by superhuman abilities but by their courage, wisdom, resilience, and sometimes, their vulnerabilities.
The presence of such characters not only enriches the storyline but also provides a crucial balance. They offer perspectives and solutions that are not rooted in superhuman feats but in human ingenuity and spirit. Their contributions to the plot are as impactful and vital as any superhero's, reminding us that heroism can manifest in various forms.

In BattleRaven, every character, whether superpowered or not, is crafted with intention and purpose. They each bring a unique element to the story, ensuring that the narrative is not solely about the extraordinary but also about the extraordinary within the ordinary.

By highlighting characters without superpowers, BattleRaven celebrates the diversity of heroism. It's a tribute to the idea that one doesn't need superpowers to be extraordinary or to make a significant impact. This approach roots the story in a world where every character, regardless of their abilities, has the potential to shine and contribute meaningfully to the overarching saga.


As we embark on this journey with BattleRaven, my commitment is to you, the readers and fans who have cherished and supported the superhero genre through its ups and downs. Your emotional investment in these stories is sacred, and I promise to honor it with every page we create.

BattleRaven is not just another comic book; it's a homage to the timeless essence of heroism, a narrative that will resonate with those yearning for stories that inspire and entertain without losing sight of what makes heroes so beloved.

Join in this exciting new chapter where we embrace the future while honoring the past, where every story is an adventure, where heroes are truly heroic, and where the spirit of comic books lives on.

"Heart in the past, feet planted firmly in the present, eyes to the future!"

As always, with respect,

David O'Mara

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